Since 2006, we at COSYSTEC have made our expert services available to our clients, by designing and producing electrical cabinets that meet their needs. From the most elementary project to the design of complex and specific systems, we will assist you in designing, then producing all your electrical cabinets.More
All the cabinets we produce are tested according to the standard IEC 61439-1&2, which guarantees you a safe and reliable system. Our cabinets may be customised to service index up to 333, which ensures proper definition of panels for future operation, maintenance or scalability of the system.More
Cabinets are entirely designed and produced in Reunion Island and Mauritius Island. The stock of components and the presence of our technicians on the island guarantee you unprecedented reactivity, either during production or after commissioning. Our production capacity enables us to carry out large-scale projects.More

Our latest completed projects

We build electrical cabinets for various activity sectors such as services, industry, trade or health. You will find some examples of projects we have worked on in the “Portfolio” Examples of previous projects section.

Why work with us?

  • We are a partner you can trust for designing and building your projects;
  • As specialists of electrical cabinets, we are recognised experts in the field;
  • Our structure allows us to carry out both large-scale and small projects;
  • We scrupulously comply with safety standards and all our cabinets are tested according to the standard IEC 61439-1&2;
  • As assembly and wiring are made in our workshops you automatically obtain manufacturer’s civil liability and ten-year legal guarantees.